Monday, July 20

PUMA's do not drink Kool-Aid? Oh...

I had a lot of fun this weekend over at the comment thread at this post, which was linked at several blogs that don't need traffic from me, except for maybe Rumproast. (Oh smooches to ya, Duncan and Amato, but no tongue.)

I also wanted to thank everyone who made my birthday weekend such a happy occasion, with a kind comment, card, email, or more. You won't know this, but one of my birthdays, in 2002, I was afflicted with severe post-partum depression. It was the most downright awful birthday of my life. I contrast it to this year, which was one of the best birthday weekends I can remember. Thank you.

[Shout out to my blog buddy Betmo, who has opened her own Etsy shop. Good on you!]


  1. Hey BlueGal, you did that? You're BRILLIANT. Nice to meet you, especially while arguing with stupid and I agree with stupid.

    I'm sending Rumproasters to look at your hilarious graphic. Thanks for linking to us. Cheers!

  2. Heavy on the bitters for me, BlueGal. ;-)

  3. I'll take an Inadequate Black Russian. (h/t TS)

  4. Sorry to have missed your B'day, but... Happy Anyway!


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