Tuesday, July 14

With God on our side?

Sandy Underpants at The Aristocrats points to this article by a Liberty University professor, Stuart Schwartz, that has to be read (with the comments too) to be believed.

Sarah Palin has God on her side.

Why? Because she's a good mom, a good Christian, or a good conservative?

Because seriously, here I am, left-wing blog momma, and I, too, have a sense, a certainty that God is alive and well and a part of all that we do in this world. I've been attacked for my faith, and I don't worry about it.

I go to church. I pray. I take my three children to Sunday School. I've never had an abortion and at this stage of my life I can safely say I never will, ahem.

Unlike Sarah Palin and her daughter, I was never pregnant out of wedlock. I don't expect extra points for that, nor do I take any points away from either of those fellow Christian women for their pregnancies. Pregnancy happens. It doesn't happen nearly as often if you take precautions against it, but for the oldest boys of those two, nevermind that they're named Trapp and Tripp, it's just as well.

I doubt that Mister Schwartz would stand up for me on God grounds, though, because I am decidedly pro-choice. I don't like abortions, I'd much rather women and men take responsibility for their reproduction AND their orgasms (okay, I'm off of Stuart Schartz's list forever now) but I'm not about to let the staff of Liberty University decide for all of us what rights women have, reproductive or not.

And that casts me out of the garden. Which means that for Schwartz, the God he is worshipping has nothing to do with my "relationship with God" and everything to do with my political positions. Worshipping politics is idolatry.* I won't bother letting Schwartz and his commenters know what God thinks of idolaters. They can look it up.

*That's why Chris Matthews is going to Hell.

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  1. Oh, the irony of this piece being posted at a place that calls itself "The American Think"...

    I have no doubt that God loves Ms. Palin. The God we believe in on the left side of the room teaches us that God loves everybody, even babbling idiots who can't read a map, who have never read the Constitution, who are hypocrites, who can't construct a coherent argument, who can't remember what newspapers and magazines they read every morning, and those who run away from their responsibilities as elected officials as soon as the heat gets too much for them.

    If this is what passes for thinking right now on "The Religious Right," I'd say we're in pretty good shape as a democracy.

  2. I love you. But not to the point of idolatry.

  3. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Didn't LIBERTY ban a student democratic organization? Their opinion on democracy and politics is IMMORAL.

  4. If I hadn't known in advance that this was written by someone at Liberty University, I'd have thought it was a joke.

    Sarah Palin is grounded in the divine, which means, in part, that she believes, as did the framers of our constitution, that individuals are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

    Despite the fact that there's a link in there to the text of the Declaration of Independence, the author still implies pretty clearly that the quote is from the Constitution, just like Limbaugh did at the CPAC conference. I don't get it. Did the editor catch the mistake, but only fix it part way by adding the link?

    And I have to say, there's a bit in here that I actually find offensive:
    Following her resignation as governor, she told Time magazine -- to the amusement of its editors -- that the growing of government "outrageously" by President Obama is "immoral." She deliberately chose a God word that suggests evil...

    "Immoral" is a "God word"? WTF? If they'd used "sin" I'd let it pass, but once again, we get the implication that people like me, those of us who don't use "God words," are in no position to make moral judgments. Fuck him.

    (Am I allowed to say "fuck him" here?)

  5. I skimmed this quickly and then concluded that Chris Matthews is your babydaddy. Should probably go back and read again.

  6. I read the article and as many of the comments as I could stand; but I still don't believe it. No, I'm gonna have to call it willful ignorance. Once the first few distortions settle into their cortical overlay as the truth, the rest of the dominos fall over creating a world of unreality that leads to the inevitable crash of ultimate disillusionment. These are the poor sots who will tell Jesus, "Did we not prophesy in your name and by your name do many wonderful works?" To which Jesus will say: 'I never knew you; depart from me you who are false teachers."

    Exibit A, from a comment by "2thman":

    [If] "...you mean to say that Obama has adept intellect and experienced leadership history, perhaps you should have your medication changed. Obama is a black man, he has an irritating lilt and lisp when he reads from a teleprompter, Lemmings and Useful Idiots find these to be admirable traits, oh yes he does like to ogle the backsides of underage girls. So it would be safe to assume that pedophilia is in his innermost thoughts. He uses ghost writers for his books and is close friends with gangsters, domestic terrorists, racist preachers, dictators and is more than ready to grovel at the feet of a Muslim Dictator; Liberals consider these factors important in selecting a President. Very few Loyal Americans appreciate this traitorous behavior, most of us are ashamed to have this fraud in the White House."

    Recall the high squeaky voice of Sarah Palin planting the seeds of "Obama and domestic terrorists" in the walnut-sized mind of ppl like 2thman, and you will recognize it's Sarah Palin who will be right next to 2thman, whining at Jesus, "But— Didn't I do wonderful things on your behalf?

  7. Jez, he should be so lucky.

  8. We come from slightly different perspectives of the same faith bg...not that mine's better just a tad simpler.

    But i always remember what a great man once said...words to the effect that the bible is a great book, but let's not forget it was written by men. Men who may be fallible and most likely are in some respects.

    If there is a spiritual truth in this world...it's not to be found in the words of the bible or the words of preachers who teach it...but in the hearts of each man woman and child on this planet.

  9. Schwartz continues the right wing meme that all of us Democrats, liberals and even moderate conservatives are godless and immoral. We are going to see more and more of this I'm afraid. These judgmental, far right people are what is left of the Republican party and they are deranged. They attack all reasonable, thinking and educated people as elitist, immoral and godless, even those in their own party. They don't know my heart or yours Blue Gal and they don't know our relationship with God. They need to worry about the immorality within their own flock before they start pointing fingers at you and I. We can never allow these people to regain the presidency. They would have us live in a theocracy if they had their way.

  10. These people are worshipping themselves - not any recognizable version of a real G/god.

    And that casts me out of the garden.

    I'm out of their garden too, BG.

    Thanks for that!

    Oh, and I'm with Terry.

    Willful ignorance abounds!


  11. Sarah Palin loves God. God loves Sarah Palin.

    And that is why they hate her...and Him.

    And why she -- and He -- will be back.

    Shorter Schwartz: Do you accept Sarah Palin as your Lord and Savior? If not, you're going to hell.

    Schwartz is playing to the persecution complex of his audience, but the amount of narcissism, zealotry, dishonesty or sheer vileness it takes to write that second sentence is just astounding. Sorry, I just can't fucking stand this crap, over and over again, especially because of where it leads. Let me presume that Schwartz is sincere in his faith. I don't need to presume that Schwartz presumes to know the will of God, and is content to demonize his perceived political foes. I think Schwartz is wrong, some mix of hack and ignoramus, and apparently a complete fucking asshole. However, I don't think he's a demon, inhuman, or that he hates God because he doesn't agree with my political views.

    Ah, don't mind me ranting. A good Blog Against Theocracy post, BG. Thanks.


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