Wednesday, July 15

Why we [still] fight (VIDEO)

This whole Cheney as criminal thing will not go away. I made this video for any blogger who wants to use it.

I know a lot of us are disappointed in Obama, but at least we're working to push him to move further in the direction he's already pointed. That's something.

This is the last day of my quarterly fundraiser.

I only ask for five bucks per donor. (The button above only allows five dollar contributions. If you want to customize your contribution use the button on the sidebar). I'm deeply grateful to all of you who donated during these tough financial times, and a note to everyone: I love my readers.


  1. We love you, BG! You're the fucking best!!

  2. You are rocking hard here, BG.

    Wish I had some faith left to keep.

    Nice video - working on your opus?


  3. Hey BG...

    I've been gone for awhile, as you know...

    But am back at least part-time...just found this.

    Done did it!

    Jacob (Contextual Crit.)


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