Sunday, September 20

Knitting finished and brief blog announcement

Baby Sweater (gift)

One sock and the other one started (also a gift)

Also one of my dear readers wanted me to get back to posting at my Quaker Blog and also I thought to start a knitting blog at one time as well, but really, I have enough space right here at Blue Gal to write about religion, knitting, politics, whatever I fancy. No point segmenting my life online any more than it already is.

But I think the dear reader wanted a little more religion/faith posting from me, where ever I might decide to do that. I've gotten involved in my local United Methodist congregation here and have finally come out of my shell enough to join more than one of the religion discussion groups they offer. I'm kind of amazed at the sheer number of paperback books on faith, all around six chapters/120 pages, about how to apply basic white-person love Jesus and your neighbor "spirituality" in your daily life. These books are obviously designed for the six week "Bible-Study" set, and they vary in quality as much as they vary in emphasis. But what I've found is that actually sitting down with other people and discussing how to get through the week with patience, joy, and gratitude is very salutary. I've never been a terribly social person, though I fake it well, and so this feels like new territory for me.

I apologize if those who want me to share more online about faith and spirituality find that my face-to-face outlet somehow leaves little of that for my blogging. I don't want, for reasons of confidentiality and respect, to come back to the blog with a church meeting report. But I'll try to remember my readers' interest and mention some of the ideas I learn as I move through my week.

I did have a minor revelation this week. I have long struggled with the idea of chores for my children. I didn't have assigned chores as a child and I really wasn't interested in giving my kids lots of work in an angry or controlling "top-down" manner. Also I don't follow a real "chore chart" for me, though I do have a list, and the chore chart idea seemed to have little hope in terms of the attention span of the household in general, including me. I forsee implementing a workable chore chart in this house right after I purchase a "Hello, Kitty!" vacuum cleaner:

But we had a little visitor this week who trashed the girl's bedroom while "playing" with them; the game really truly appeared to be "lets see how messy we can make this room" complete with overturned chairs and dis-assembled bedding. That incident got me mad enough to demand their participation in clean up. As we were working I said to them that this room was theirs, this is their stuff, and they have to take care of their stuff. Since I hear the words "No that's mine!" about twelve thousand times a day, I concluded that their stuff kind of matters to them, and they'd better show it. I've found it much easier to demand their participation in household matters by reminding them that this is their house and we all take care of it together. Rewarding them (yes, my son too) with "wow YOUR room looks really nice" seems to be helping.

I'm grateful for small areas of personal growth and household peace. Amen.

I haven't been posting much about politics lately because I don't want to write about healthcare reform, and that is the all-encompassing issue these days. I don't resent that I just don't want to write about it.


  1. My sisters and I all had chores to perform on a weekly basis, plus the threat of additional chores on top of that if we misbehaved.

  2. That sweater is fucking awesome!!!! I love big-ass yellow buttons!!!!!!!!

  3. AS the kids get older, and schedules complex the chore chart or calendar can be a godsend.
    No more of the *I did not know it was my turn* or any hassles about it. Whose turn to do what is posted for all to see. Because if you have to rely on memory, people will begin to have creative thoughts. You will become the after the fact referee.
    No, I say the chore chart brings clarity, sanity & cuts the bs. I took it up a notch too-- if you failed to do your posted chore, you automatically got 2 more turns.
    That cuts the bs too, because everybody knows up front what the deal is.
    It flows pretty well & cut through hours of squabbling about whose turn it actually is, etc.
    I found it to be exactly the opposite of what you said....
    the idea was if you live in a household community, you are required to participate...
    this just gave that reasonable expectation form & function.
    Plus people stopped bitching at me--- the chart kept track of it all.
    Plus they could swap days if they agreed to it for their own scheduling stuff....
    but suddenly, like magic everybody knew who was supposed to be doing what when.


    Plus the more people you are juggling, the more helpful this is.

  4. Oh we have a calendar for sure and it is at a level where all the children can see it. Also they are good at knowing whose turn it is for certain things. Dishwasher duty, for instance; so in a way we probably have more of a "chart" than I am admitting. I also agree that as they get older and extracurricular activities get more involved more posted announcements of duties and activities will probably be required. xo

  5. taylorbad10:34 AM

    I remember once when I was a teenager my Dad had asked me to do a household chore that I was repulsed by (it involved cleaning up after our Bassett Hound). He gave me one of his 10 second rebukes that said essentially "there is no job that needs doing that is beneath your dignity to do." Definitely a values shaper. Chores need to be done and I agree with those who say it's the benefit/duty that comes from living in a household.

  6. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Bless your soul!! My Nelson has never been subject to punitive chores...or other authoritarian prattle... and he is turning out a quite splendid person. I think your instincts, as usual, run true.

    There WILL be some lovely, springy wool on the way well before Christmas!!

    Dare ya ta post,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Randy Kidd


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