Tuesday, September 15

My car broken into by well-meaning
Glenn Greenwald-ites! (True Story)

True Story:

I took my kids to the grocery store after school yesterday and as is my habit, I took all the valuables out of my car (steal my broken car stereo, please) and left the car unlocked. It's kind of a Boston/Midwest thing, you get in the habit of being terrified of frozen locks even in the summer.

Anyhow, I come back to my minivan which of course has the left-wing bumpersticker heaven on the back.

Plus an Obama 08 sticker which yeah, I leave up. Wouldn't want anyone to think I voted for Palin after saying God is not a Republican.

So I come back to the car after shopping and someone had left on the driver's SEAT of my car a photocopy of this Ted Rall Op-Ed, "Obama doesn't talk like Bush; he just acts like him." The editorial is heavily based on the writings of this guy Glenn Greenwald, ever heard of HIM? Huh, liberal Obama-loving minivan driver?

While I wouldn't go so far as Rall and call for Obama's resignation (yeah) it made me laugh and laugh that some well-meaning liberal (and trespasser, but I forgive you) thinks, based apparently on my bumper stickers, that I need a lesson in the importance of limiting Presidential power...

(my YouTube Debate Question, unused, from 2007)

...and in criticizing Obama for his stand on torture and detainee policy in general.

from my April, 2009 post "We aren't REALLY having this dance, are we, Mister P?"

Also, this person keeps photocopies of Ted Rall op-eds on his/her person for distribution in parking lots? Oh honey, you need to blog. (PS to my blogging readers send me links I'm due for some round-up duty you-know-where.)

(And love on you, Glenn honey. You drink my milkshake.)


  1. That's why I keep my doors locked here in the south.

  2. New bumper sticker...God Bless the Parking Lot Pamphleteers!

  3. geek_guy5:39 PM

    I always wanted to put Army applications on the wingnut's cars that had Bush and other stickers on them.

  4. Cool bumper stickers.

  5. the nerve to open a stranger's car!!! scary really.

    i LOVE the idea of army lit tho!


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