Saturday, September 12

The Worst Day in the History of the Republican Party, Ever.

This day will be remembered as the beginning of the end for the Republican Party. Any thinking person whose politics is being formulated today (anyone from say, 18-25, has got to be looking at the signs at the 9/12 "Million Moron March" (thanks, Bill Maher) and thinking, wow, these guys are about as un-cool as you can get, and besides, they're racist. They'll be thinking that, and voting against it, for the next 40 years.

Picture from this flickr set, which would be funny if it weren't our fellow Americans.


  1. Wow! These folks are crazier than I thought. I noticed a lot of Ron Paul shirts. It seems to be a common excuse from Republicans that they are representative of them.

  2. This is beyond any fictional, made-for-tv, lifetime movie. Who the devil is writing this crap for them?

    I was around during the Nixon dirty trick years, but even those sleezebags wouldn't have stooped to this level.

  3. I don't know what to say. Those pictures are amazing. I may need a bandana or something to keep my jaw from falling open.

    Is there anybody who thinks there is any common ground, any compromises to be made with people who think this way?

  4. Two points here:

    Firstly, these people are such obviously tools of the machine as to be laughable to those of us who understand that.

    But not everybody understands that.

    I'm sorry to believe that we who do are in the minority, just like the Reich wing minority which America hears about on a nightly basis.

    The problem is, America isn't hearing about us, the people who have been paying attention, and whose opinions are thoughtful and informed, and who disagree with the mobs at the town halls and the National Mall...

    The National Mall???

    Secondly, THEY're showing up for the fight, TV cameras rolling, and we're not. My generation's been there, done that, ended the Viet Nam war and segregation and we're still in the race, but we're looking forward to passing the torch.

    YOUR voice, and others like you, make me think that our ideals still resonate, but as the nightly news goes, I'm not seeing the boots on the ground to support that line of thought.

    I'd be interested in hearing what you think it would take to mobilize people en masse in a way that might build the sort of visceral momentum that made a difference in the 60's.

    Not that you're obligated to orchestrate the damned thing, but you're a smart lady, and I don't know where else to pursue this conversation.

  5. I can't agree BGal. These goons are gaining ground it seems but that is only because Big Whore Media gives them legitimacy. I'm with the Runt here. This is our line in the sand here. We don't win this will never win squat again.

    Did you see this?


    Sorry, I just can't come up w/ anything more intelligent than that.

  7. No. Those weren't Republicans. They were "Conservatives." And I agree with One Fly, they are the side with momentum right now.

  8. Question: If Obama is a terrorist, what does that make George W. Bush???

  9. This is how they Deep Six themselves in going off the rails and off the deep end.

  10. I discuss this in my blog at

  11. Anonymous6:10 PM

    This sign would have been bad enough had it been written by hand, but someone actually printed this? Pretty sickening.

    Though I suppose the advantage of printing it out is spellcheck, something many of the more crazy protesters desperately need.


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