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I hope everyone who watches Fox News for "news" watches this clip, starting at 4:50, where a comedian asks the question, "Does healthcare reform actually destroy jobs?"  Good question, and one no one else seems to want to talk about.

Had an email to the podcast this morning re health care:

You guys don't think the repubs are actually going to be successful in repealing the Affordable Care Act, do you? If that's the case - then I'm going to have to resume my plans to relocate to Canada. I have a pre-existing condition, and I refuse to suffer needlessly just to prove my patriotism....

I realize that some of my conservative friends find this hard to believe, but I like to remind them...why I have always been for Universal Healthcare. If everyone has healthcare - which I believe is a basic human right - then there will be more people that are able to work and contribute to society and add to the pot. When I put it this way, they understand why I'm for universal healthcare, even though they still oppose the idea of it.


My response:

Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Al Franken are fighting it out as to which of them will block the so-called repeal. Not to mention the President.

'Also too', how many GOP congressmen will vote to repeal, then attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for their Bernie Sanders community health center in their district?

Don't forget that new RNC chairman Reince Priebus was on a committee in his law firm to work on getting more federal stimulus dollars. [note:  most of the links at that Google search are right wing blogs, that are understandably outraged.  Love the one titled "Reince Priebus did not have sex with that stimulus package."]  Honestly you couldn't put this stuff in a RUSSIAN novel, let alone make it a great American one. Though Christopher Buckley has made some pretty good efforts. :D

It's been a very bad week for the GOP. This was 'Constitution-reading and Health-Bill Killing week' and the shooting death of a nine year old girl born on 9/11 ruined all their plans.

PS. And I disagree with one point in your email. With universal health care there will be LESS people working, and especially willing to work full-time. That "hurts" businesses who depend on the health insurance bribe to keep employees working 60 hours a week with no overtime just to keep their insurance. Big time.

Jon Stewart answers the question in a couple sentences.  People will leave the workforce voluntarily if they have health insurance.  That's not a bad thing in an all-too-tight job losing economy.

One bright area of job growth?  Republican web site scrubber.  First Palin, now Priebus?  Betcha that's a no-bid contract Halliburton thingy.  

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  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Why doesn't Fox ever get someone like Bernie Sanders on to engage the battle?

    ...oh yeah, I remember now, he has a spine. It's a lot better for their "arguments" when they're jousting with mollusks.

    Good job, Mr. Stewart, and thanks, 'Gal, for sharing it with us.


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