Thursday, January 6

Can you tell the difference between these three famous (?) foreheads?

One belongs to the 24-year-old Playboy Playmate who will soon marry 84 year old Hef.

One belongs to the 31-year-old former Hef girlfriend who is so broken up about Hef's marriage she's maintaining a dignified silence until she can talk about her real feelings when her reality show airs.  (Spoiler Alert:  No, really.)

One is Callista Gingrich.


  1. Why, yes, one forehead belongs to a hypocritical power hungry bitch. The other two are top-of-the-line Playboy Bunny gold diggers.

    Sorry, but Callista just drives me nuts. Miss holier-than-thou (Newt & her sell videos about morality ... really) who went to an evangelical college, but at age 27 started banging her married 50yo boss - an affair that lasted seven - yes seven - fucking years (pun intended) before Newt dumped the old spouse.

    Including a wonderful incident of mid-morning sex on the desk in Newt's office that kept his makeup and other staff waiting outside. Waiting for what? So that 45 minutes later Newt could hold a press conference decrying the immorality of President Clinton.

    At least the Playboy ladies aren't hypocritical about what they are about.

  2. Their brains are probably wrinkle and crease-free as well.


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