Friday, January 7

Pelosi and Boehner as Madonna and Child (photoshop)

Click image for larger version
I never liked her apparent willingness to let the Bishops write health policy, but I swear, every day he's Speaker she looks more like a goddamn saint.  And it's only day three, ladies and gentlemen.  

PS.  The original "Our Lady of Good Counsel" is a lovely 19th century painting, and worth the peek.  

Podcast up early this afternoon.  Happy Friday.


  1. This is so damn good!
    Hey, how about an "Iron Photoshopper" contest at NN? Contestants will be provided with theme and the basic ingredients, and w/in 30 minutes they must prepare a tasty dish for the judges?

  2. Anonymous11:35 PM

    That's pretty scary - I think I like the original better...


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