Monday, January 31

Weekend photoshops

1961: Walter Cronkite covers mankind's destiny of 'donuts triumphing over the Space Race.' Miss Sarah Palin, "You Are There."


Glenn Beck is outraged (yeah) over Chris Matthews's use of the term 'balloon head' to describe Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. I think he's got a point, Tweety (well-known for his blank-stare "Of course I believe in equal rights for chicks!" sexism) isn't adding to the conversation in that instance, but then Glenn Beck should talk.

And of course now the story on the right is about how the very angry Glenn Beck "called out" Chris Matthews, rather than how the Tea Party the Republican base wants their politics presented to them by Carol Merrill of The Price is Right Let's Make a Deal. {Thanks commenters for exposing that error.)


Last day of January and I almost forgot to hold a fundraiser for this here blog. I do this four times a year, just for me and the kids to make a couple ends meet for once, and pay for an extra treat for the kids from time to time.

If you are interested in supporting a financially struggling (aren't we all?) artist and her family, here. And to those of you who've said "Keep it up, Blue Gal" with a small contribution to this blog, words can't say thanks enough. xxx


  1. Have a paypal alternative? After paypal's disgraceful behavior re: freezing Wikileaks account (yes, they unfroze it eventually, but still), I won't give them a penny.

  2. Not yet but there are plans in the works. Thanks!

  3. I thought Carol Merrill was from "Let's Make a Deal"...

    -Doug in Oakland

  4. For shame, BG. I can't fault you on politics, but when it comes to the eye of hell, your knowledge is somewhat lacking. The lovely Carol Merrill was on Let's Make a Deal, not The Price is Right.

  5. It's balloons that should be insulted.


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