Sunday, March 13

Blog Against Theocracy is April 22 - 24 #NoTheocracy

Actually, South Park Jesus, it's over a month away, but I want to get the word out.

Blog against theocracy is an annual blogswarm dedicated to the separation of church and state.It takes place Easter weekend, only because that is one time we can depend on the mainstream media to cover the religion beat.

It is not a blogswarm against religion. Bloggers who believe in religion and those who don't are equally welcome here. What we share is a common commitment to the First Amendment to the Constitution and, paging Teabaggers, its guarantee of church-state separation.

And the theme this year is "Because Sinclair Lewis was right."

Sinclair Lewis, to whom is attributed the quote, "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

We'll be using Twitter again to promote the blogswarm. Tag your posts #NoTheocracy.

Someone did this image of Palin and I made it into a lulz; if you know who did it please let me know in comments:

Here are my photoshops.

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  1. Have a look at this video of Actress Veena Malik chopping off the nuts of a Mullah, Roasting them, and handing them back to him on Toast: . Is this not the Archtypical Feminist putting down a Religious Hypocrit?


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