Friday, March 11

Our Weekly Podcast - The Professional Left

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  1. The vote in WI sucks alright. Word is that some more Repubs might have been finding their sanity (or thinking of their political future and their ability to go anywhere in public in their hometowns) and were about to bail -- or not. Scotty Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers are the worst kind of playground bullies, and who knows what they are saying to keep the non-teabagger Republicans in line. BUT it is only the beginning. Everyday, people are coming up with ideas for creative nonviolent collective resistance. Tomorrow we are expecting a TRACTORCADE of up to 200 tractors circling the capitol square. It's worth the trip up to see the demonstrations. People are angry, sad, scared -- but they are also ENERGIZED, and the culture that was established from day one is one of nonviolence. It helps that the protesters (a.k.a. Union Thugs) are middle aged teachers like me, parents of young children, and twenty-somethings who grew up going to Phish concerts. I cordially invite you to come up. I've never experienced anything like this before. The window is open for us to take back our state (which was almost snatched from under our noses) and, by example, the country. At last. Wednesday was bad -- but we expected it. I believe that the movement is only growing, and the citizens of Wisconsin are resolute. I know that the main stream media is reporting rioting -- if they report at all. Not a chance. Yesterday I heard that Mr. Walker had brought in riot gear. I say it's the equivalent of, "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" Anyway -- I am passionate, and hopeful (especially considering the alternative to hope at this point.) We will prevail! On Wisconsin!


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