Wednesday, March 30

A totally serious question about Scott Walker

I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't some sort of mob threat over Walker's head, that he HAS to get this union busted or he's more than recalled, if you know what I mean. Everything he's done on this score has that ring of desperation to it. And now he's even ignoring his state's own courts to get'er done. Does he need to be thrown in jail to understand the rule of law? Or would it be better to go the protective custody route and find out exactly what the bad guys have on him?


  1. I would not argue against this. This is the very reason and what I have been saying for a number of years why our government does not function.

    When killer bush put his hand down after lying the oath everyone of these people from that day knew full well they would never be held accountable for anything they did and this continues today and may have come around to the repugs themselves.

  2. I'm sure the Koch boys could have someone whacked.


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