Thursday, March 10

A letter to my state senators

I got one of those AFL-CIO email your State Senator forms today, and I edited it to read as below.

Dear State Senator:

As you may have heard, the Wisconsin state legislature just passed a bill that strips Wisconsin state workers of their rights to bargain collectively.

Some commenters see this as a "bombing Cambodia" moment. A time when the war against workers, in this instance, finally went too far so that the silent centrist majority of Americans have to pick a side, and side with the workers.

I see this more as a "Life of Brian" moment. When the Catholic Church told people they shouldn't see a comedy movie, everyone went to see it.

The plutocrats and Kochs want to tell the American People that they "can't" meet as a group to negotiate with their boss on wages, benefits, and working conditions. Oh, really? Watch workers now insist that this be the case. I forsee an EXPANSION of unions, especially as young people have begun to realize that unionizing is their ONLY hope of having a middle class life.

The Republican party I once knew has been hijacked by racists and billionaires. It's disgusting. You used to be able to count on the GOP to be the party of fiscal responsibility and strong defense. Now they are the party of tax cuts (not the same thing as small government when you give no-bid contracts to Halliburton!) and making billionaires richer. I'm sickened by what this means for America.

When times are tough, Americans rise to the challenge. Elected officials must work FOR their constituents, the people mowing their lawns in our neighborhoods. The hijacked GOP is working for billionaires, period.

I respectfully request that you respond to this letter and let me know where you stand on this critical issue. The future of the GOP is at stake, and without a strong two-party system based on FACT, not plutocracy, our nation is doomed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


I still believe in a two-party system in this country, but it's dying really fast. Not only has the GOP been hijacked by the astroturfed tea party, but the Democrats (h/t Cokie Roberts) are as bounded by corporate and moneyed interests as anyone else. So is most of the media. Thank God for UNPAID bloggers who get a few bucks in the hat from their readers and listeners. Please support their independent voices, folks. And thanks.

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