Wednesday, March 9

Remembering David Broder

We wouldn't have "vituperative, foul-mouthed, bloggers of the Left" if it weren't for the Dean.

Of course, we wouldn't have this horseshit, either.

He also said, in 2007, "'s wise to take Newt Gingrich seriously."

Rest in peace.


  1. Is it just me or does this feel like the end of an era?

  2. Not my favorite so I'll not miss him.
    I'm still sorry for his family.

  3. perhaps he died of an accumulation of shame. newt and sarah? wow!

  4. why dont i feel all that sad?

  5. It's possible we wouldn't have had a second Nixon term if he hadn't put his credibility on the line to lie about Muskie crying in New Hampshire.

    Few right wing operatives have done more for their masters than "The Dean".

    No peace. Eighth circle, sixth bolgia, express train. The world would have been a better place had he not lived.

  6. Hey fellow lefties,

    David Broder's assessments of Palin and the newt's (A.K.A., The Axis of Evil!) talents weren't that so far off the mark that they should be used to dismiss him so totally. Do you really expect a full blast diatribe against your hated enemies every time you read a widely respected reporter/political commentator's column?

    Blue Gal's dad

  7. They were off the mark, Dad.

  8. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I followed your first link and have to say, "Wholly Shit!"

    RIP Mr. Broder, despite your failure to point and laugh at both Palin and Gingrich.

  9. When god read the Sarah Palin speech he knew that Broder's time had passed.

    . . . catching up with the professional left's view years earlier.

    Thanks, BG.



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