Sunday, March 27

Thanks for your support. Only one day of voting left!

Here's the deal folks. It's very very tight voting for the Netroots Nation Scholarship. The top three vote getters automatically get a scholarship to Netroots Nation. This will really help me and Driftglass afford our trip to Minnesota.

I'm in a very very tight race for third place. And voting ends Monday night (the 28th) at midnight. After that there are round twos and selection committees, etc, for remaining spots, but this is where I get off the self-promotion bandwagon. So if you are able to vote for me, I would really appreciate your help!

Vote for me here. Or click the icon above.

And thanks!


  1. Duly pimped...*grin*

    Best wishes!

  2. You've had a very good day. You are right, it is still a tight race for 3rd. First place is done. I think I probably hold on to second. We have at least one common supporter in Miles.

    Good luck.

    I'd send you a direct message on dkos but apparently you don't spend much time there.

  3. Thanks TeacherKen! I agree that your second place finish seems secure. Hope we'll get to meet at NN11. I left a comment at DKos for you; I have an account there of course but my writing and commenting time goes to C&L.


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