Friday, March 25

Our Weekly Podcast - The Professional Left

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  1. Western Illinois University was the scene for a "press conference" featuring Sen. Dick Durbin, Thursday, March 24th. It was SUPPOSEDLY, open to the public. There were only students there that were screened & the questions to be asked were screened as well. We knew nothing about it. There were no other staff, faculty or community there. Where was the so-called journalism?

  2. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Again, SO many good points, it's hard to know where to shower the praise. I'll pare it down to around minute 33 where you plucked my favorite string, Liars and Rubes. We need to use those words whenever and wherever they apply!!

    And thanks for mentioning the TSW Fire (I actually wrote something about it,) we need to never forget why it happened, and that it's still happening wherever Workers' Rights are undervalued.

    BTW, I went back to work this week, so I'll be a grateful contributor soon.   ;)


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