Friday, November 24

A 24 Hour Consumer Detox


There's a terrific article on culturejamming the "may I check your receipt" BS here. A long article, but well worth the read.

More Doc in the Box today and ooh I got to read Travel and Leisure Magazine while waiting and waiting. So today I can "Not Buy" the $8900.00 Hermes butter leather travel bag. Or the Tommy Bahama "swim to evening" collection. Or the Patagonia "mini-vacation."

We are a sick society, people, and we need more than a shot to get over it. Prayer for today: may I continue to give thanks, be humble, and consume less. May I fight the war on Christmas as a commercialistic grab-fest, and keep a deeper meaning of the holidays the year round. We are not what we buy.


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM


  2. Reminds me of the GREAT little cartoon I cut out of some pinko rag a few years ago (oh, wait, it was the Seattle Weekly! Like I said)...

    Had a great little cartoon Jesus, robes and wee goatee and all, giving the big thumbs up with a wink, saying:

    "It's my birthday!
    Waste your money on cheap plastic crap!"

  3. I hope you're feeling better. No shopping for me yesterday either -- not even online, my favorite mode.

  4. Shit, I had to go out yesterday and buy pine bedding for my daughter's guinea pig ranch.

    But I'd say that, like Earth Day, any day can be Buy Nothing Day, and I celebrate it probably oh 350 days of the year (not counting groceries and such.)


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