Saturday, November 18

Got my wish.

Sitting in the examining room at Saturday open Doc in the Box waiting for the chest x-ray results...

Six foot tall male nurse: You got a wire in your bra?

My fevered brain immediately brought Alberto Gonzalez's face to mind. As he listened through my boobs. Ick.

Anyway. The only thing to "read" in there was People and I didn't even have the strength to pick that up. But the Britney cover made me count my blessings.

"I think I'd rather have pneumonia than be her."

So I won't be being Britney. Oh well. Just forcing myself to write this because it's gonna be a few days before I post again. Thanks for all the nice wishes, folks. You're the best.


  1. Aye, I knew it! That's th'last time I let ye stand up in th'crow's nest in your skimpy nightgown durin' a full gale. Granted that ye said th'grog would keep ye warm, but I had me doubts (although your long, flowin' tresses did look mighty fetchin'.

    I'll be sendin' th'evil sea-monkeys o'er t'watch o'er me deckmonkey trio...

  2. You take care of yourself, alright? Be good to you, the rest of us can find something else to read for a couple of days while you rest.

  3. always interested5:46 PM

    Thinking about you, BG. Take care. Rest. Later.

  4. Blue Gal, you put on some woolen knickers right this instant!

  5. Ooh baby. Well, it was the same 6 foot plus male nurse who poked me in the butt earlier this week. Did a good job, too! 7:38 folks. Time for bed. At least the cough syrup is good.

  6. Feel better, dear. We need all the good bloggers we can get.

  7. Anonymous10:35 AM

    hope you feel better soon. will be thinking about you.

  8. Blue Gal, hope you feel better.
    You're the greatest!

  9. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Well, what's a little butt poke between friends, right? interestingly enough, they used to have the metal detectors at the Bexar County (San Antonio) courthouse turned up so high they alerted on the underwire in women's bras.
    Get well soon, Blue! We're too irresponsible to be wandering the blogosphere without adult supervision.

  10. hope you feel better soon Blue

  11. Get well soon, BG - the world's just a bit too bright without your dark humor.

  12. Best wishes Blue Gal. Get well soon. The downside is that, in my experience, the better you feel the less sexy the nurses they assign to you are.


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