Tuesday, November 28

So how do I cover this one?

I'm going to a book signing with Jimmy Carter this Friday morning. I was wondering how to cover this...I don't have a digital camera, and as a quasi-anonymous blogger, what to do?

But then I read a certain right wing blog and her "lunch with Netanyahu." I would never, ever link to her, but conveniently Rubber Hose got banned (and then unbanned) from her blog so I'll just link to that. You can click the word "threads" on his post to see the photos of the lunch, or just lookee here at my own version:

Certain right wing blogger dreams of Estee Lauder bonus week at Macy's
while corrupt [link] warmonger [link] Israeli politician seeks escape route.

This particular blogger provides an important model for blogging about celebrity encounters:

1. If the "lunch" is "Totally off the record" be sure to blog everything he says.

2. Flirt with any MSM guys there. Impress them with your deep social awareness that Israel has the right to well, anything they want, because of terrorism. End of debate. By the way, for upscale Manhattan hotel banquet-facility food, this chicken cordon bleu (that is turkey ham in there, right?) is pretty good!

3. Don't worry about spelling. You don't need to spell correctly in order to be "knowlegable", and your "favortie" FOX friend won't notice. If you catch the typos later, you still don't need to fix them. I mean, it's not like your blog is your face.

I'll have to take all of this under consideration and just get the damn book signed and thank President Carter for telling the truth about the Middle East. 'Bout time somebody did. Israel holds 300 children, some as young as twelve, in prison without trial, and won't trade any of them for one kidnapped soldier. Because of terrorism. Hope I can get a taxi after lunch.

Carter gave a kickass interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air yesterday. Once a certain blogger gets back from the mall, and has done her "blog for Bolton" for the day, this interview will...not be listened to by her. She'll probably take egg-sucker Dershowitz's word for it.

I especially loved where Carter refers to the current President as "George Bush, Junior." Subtle smacks are best.


  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Who is this floozy?

    And why am I wasting my time wondering who she is?

  2. thanks for the link!

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    "George Bush Junior."


  4. I'll see you there, and I'll bring my digital camera.

  5. Spoken to several older friends who've totally flipped on their estimations of Mr. Carter the man and the president during the tenure of Bush II: Electric Boogaloo.

    Don't think I've dropped by and said how much I enjoy the site and how flattered we are that you rolled us. But I guess I did. Tell Jimmah I say hello and ask if he's thinking of running for the White House again, we could use him.

  6. I'm gonna try to be there too.

    Funny story: for my 35th birthday last year, some friends gave me a set of U.S. President trading cards, with one extra card they had made in Photoshop featuring me as 44th President. As you might guess from the fact that I'm talking about it now, they pasted my head on top of Jimmy.

    Come to think of it, I might just carry his card for him to sign,

  7. Mad Patriot you need a book and a ticket to get in line for the signing. Contact Alabama Booksmith.

  8. I got to meet Mr. Carter in 1976 when I was a high school senior and he was running for President. He was my first vote, and I still don't regret it. He is a truly decent man. I envy you.

    "George Bush Junior."

    Can we all agree to start using this? I love the snark of it.

  9. Wear a blue dress.

    Not navy, maybe something in a cornflower blue, with a slip showing.

    Tell them that Raoul said 'hi'.

  10. always interested11:02 PM

    I always did call him George Bush, Junior. I didn't know I was in such great company.

  11. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I got to meet Jimmy Carter at a fundraiser for his son Jack's Nevada senate campaign at (of all places) Luci Baines Johnson's apartment in downtown Austin. Lady Bird was there, too; still a dominant presence despite being confined to a wheel-chair. Carter was friendly and gracious and signed my copy of his book "Turning Point."
    You can see a picture of me shaking his hand like a goober at

  12. I very much look forward to reading the book. If it uncovers even a bit of the truth that's being snowed under by people-with-Israel's-interests-above-things-like-humans at heart, it'll make a big difference in the world.

    And thanks for mentioning the imprisoned children. They are not forgotten - but how will they know? Israel routinely rounds up "males age 14 and up". That would include my son. I don't think (and I'm being absolutely straight about it) he'd survive such a round up. He can't be the only one. It fires up my rage just to think of what they're doing to the children.

  13. Mickey Finn3:23 AM

    Good post. I like Jimmy Carter

  14. The truley unfortunate thing is that historians will say "Jimmy Carter was right" as we confront issue after issue he tried to get this country to address. America just wouldn't listen to the prophet.

  15. I gotta say that:

    a) I enjoy your blog

    b) I've always had a lot of respect for Jimmy Carter, especially since he stopped being president (I expect that GWB will be more of a Gerald Ford ex-prez, lounging around his Liberry and massaging his Legassy -sic-)

    c) Listening to Carter on "Fresh Air" just upset me too much to continue... I may agree with many of his points, but don't trust Hamas or Fatah to deal with Israel in honesty (or vice versa, sadly -- google for "The Other Israel" for the word from the Gush Shalom movement).


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