Tuesday, November 21

My angel of mercy! Kathryn! Jean! Lopez!

So I'm lying in my sickbed and there is a post out there to write about one of my favorite blog topics: contraception, responsibility, and reproductive freedom. Figleaf (Sex blogger? Nah. Wonderful writer on the topic of sex? Yeah.) led me to it, and then there was the appointment of Eric Keroack to HHS, not the only Cabinet Level Department under Bush to forget the meaning of "scientifically accurate."

BTW Stephenson gave that appointment all the serious consideration it deserves. (And he makes great soup. Great. Soup.)

But man, oh man, I've been sick. And drugged. The good doctor took one look at this momma of three and knew the only thing that would put me in bed, since cold followed by strep followed by pneumonia hadn't done it, was codeine. Yup, that did it.

I thought I'd never blog again. I wept for you all. I prayed. And then who should arrive at my fevered bedside but...

My angel of mercy, Kathryn! Jean! Lopez!

Okay, I know. That photo of hers has been photoshopped way better than this. But just when I thought the absence of Saint Katherine Harris and Saint Santorum would leave me with no more spark, snark, or reason to go on...my angel of mercy arrives with words to keep me blogging with comfort and joy!

It all started when through C&L (I will read C&L daily from my grave I swear) I found out both Kos and Sully had fallen in love with this nugget of angel goodness:

"Passing out contraception without any deeper context or conversation is degrading and disrespectful — to men and women. Tell me I'm crazy."

Oh honey. By the time I got your invitation, the show had opened on Broadway:

call her crazy

Before now, I'd never really spent too much time on "The Corner". This political analysis, this jaw dropper, this, (dare I say it?) angel thought broke the fever:

"Samuel Alito provides a serious challenge to John Roberts's status as SCOTUS stud."

And this exchange got me out of bed altogether:

[John Derbyshire]: "Chatting with a friend this morning (I mean, e-chatting)..."
[Kathryn Jean Lopez]: "Derb, in this day of eharmony.com and such, what's the difference?"

Ah Kathryn! The thought of anyone meeting you at eharmony.com. I am healed! I am healed!

Tomorrow: a very special You Tube just for Kathryn


  1. She's crazy if for no other reason than because Keroack opposes contraception no matter what the context or conversation.

    Ok, she was crazy anyway.

    "Laughter is the best medicine" (Mission statement of my local HMO.) Hope you feel better soon, BG.


  2. Welcome back to the land of the living, Blue Gal!

    K-Lo is a real prize: she also suggests that L'il Ricky would be a good choice for the Supreme Court, and I suspect darkly that she would give it up for ol' Mitt.

    But as she says, she didn't choose virginity, it chose her. She chose all 31 Flavors (tm) I think.



  3. always interested1:24 AM

    Laughter's always the best medicine. Good thing the circus hasn't quite left town. BTW BG, I hope the doc checks your ears out, now that you have pneumonia--worked for me, years ago.

  4. LOL! Great post, except for the misspelling (typo?) of codeine. The only thing is, I couldn't tell if you were lampooning K-Lo, or whether she had already effectively lampooned herself. A bit of both, I suspect. Get well soon.

  5. Thanks for the spell check sadbuttrue. Everything in quotation marks is direct from K-Lo her own self. I take no responsibility.

  6. Anonymous4:03 PM

    That is all kinds of wrong.

    That is wrong to the 17th power.

    Much like the film Borat.

    See it! Love it! I did!


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