Wednesday, November 8

It's a win-win. Or a win win win win win.

So let me get this straight.

Either Webb wins,

or the Republican Party "celebrates" the return of Senator Macaca? Who might have said the N-word as a term of endearment (not) in college? On a regular basis?

And Santorum might run for a spot on the 2008 ticket?

Where are those happy panties?

UPDATE: 12:14 central time. No. More. Rummy.

Just as I was wondering if today could get any better, looks like in the next 24 my hitcounter will top 100,000. Thank you so much, you guys.



  1. Hi Blue Gal Congrats!
    Democrat Resurgence Time for Change
    A majority in The House
    and one to go for the Senate

    A new course on Iraq
    Rumsfeld just announced he's stepping down Bye Bye

    Let's see those panties fly!

  2. Goodbye Rumsfeld. And good riddance.

    Now let's get our folks out of Iraq, hmm?

  3. No. More. Rumsfeld.

    Does that mean we can haul him to court for the war crimes yet? Please?

  4. Rummy out, Gates (Iran-Contra fame) in.

    Rearranging the chairs on the Administrations Titanic deck.

    Necon out, old cons in, the only real change will come from the new
    Dem controled House and Senate

  5. Organicgeorge has me thinking... what is the only difference between neo-cons and old-cons? I mean, they both end in the same four-letter word. Cons... Nonetheless, Donald Rumsfeld is out, nevermind that it comes years after he should have been tossed out with the bathwater that Powell was in.

    Blue Gal, you also make a good point about the Republicans' attempt to keep Allen in office. Down here (in Miami) we had a state representative, Ralph Arza, use the "N" word in a threatening way on a voicemail to another member of the legislature, of his own PARTY, and it took him almost two weeks to step down.

    I think Senator Macacawitz should just STFU, pack his bags, call it a night, and go home.


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