Wednesday, November 8

Song for today.

North Sea Bubble by Billy Bragg

He needs to re-record this as "Mideast Bubble." Dedicated to Rummy.

It's just so catchy, timely (fifteen years old, people), and Billy? One of the best guitarists ever. Here's the lyrics:

I went out drinking with Thomas Paine
He said that all revolutions are not the same
They are as different as the cultures
That give them birth
For no one idea
Can solve every problem on Earth

So don't expect it all to happen
In some prophesied political fashion
For people are different
And so are nations
You can borrow ideas
But you can't borrow situations

In Leningrad the people say
Perestroika can be explained this way
The people who told us
That two and two is ten
Are now trying to tell us
That two and two is five

We're living in a North Sea Bubble
We're trying to spend our way out of trouble

You keep buying these things but you don't need them
But as long as you're comfortable it feels like freedom

My American friends don't know what to do
But they'll wait a long time for a Beverly Hills coup

War! What is it good for?
It's good for business...

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  1. Hey Blue Gal... just wanted to drop over and leave an enthusiastic hoorah for the election. Simply FANTASTIC! I'm pumped. I was expecting the House but the Senate too? Wow... Dean is GOD.


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