Friday, November 3

So who IS his Daddy?

Why do I think the current President doesn't own a pair?

It took me looking it up to figure out the whole Bush 41/Bush 43 thing. 41st President, 43rd President. I get it. Here's what I don't get: Why is GWB so angry at his dad, that he would totally replace his Dad with Cheney/Rumsfeld?

41 was Director of the CIA under Gerald Ford (an administration notable for the fact that no one remembers anything about it except tripping over stuff, Squeaky Fromme and WIN buttons). Bush 41's intelligence experience was flushed down the memory hole toilet as a cover-up for any presumed knowledge he might have about Iran/Contra. He's also BFF with the Saudi Royal Family, so, I mean, Dad might have a little Middle East/US intelligence in his pocket. Ya think?

As the prospects of war continued to grow throughout 2002, family members could see the former president's anguish. When his sister Nancy Ellis asked him about the war, he responded: 'But do they have an exit strategy?'

THE BUSHES: Portrait of a Dynasty By Peter and Rochelle Schweizer

Guess 43 wasn't listening to 41 at that point. But hey. In the clearest moment of lucidity of the entire current administration, Bush 43 said in 2002 that the reason we went to war with Iraq is "they're a sworn enemy and he tried to kill my Daddy." But is it possible that the colossal pileup of failures of the past seven years could accomplish what Saddam could not? If I were a Freudian, I'd say this whole current administration was an attempt to castrate Bush 41. Just saying.

They just christened an aircraft carrier named after Senior, and here's what W. hadda say:

Bush described the Nimitz-class USS George H.W. Bush supercarrier as "unrelenting," "unshakable," "unyielding" and "unstoppable," he said it "probably should have been named the Barbara Bush."

Don't get me started about Barbara. Forget about Freud. Remember Oedipus.


  1. Ahh Bush 1 will nbever live down that "Wimp President" thing...


  2. W fooled around, got a lady pregnant, had the abortion paid for and the scandal paid off--then 43 was promptly married off to a lady just like Barb.

    Poor George, he can't help it. He was born with a silver stick up his ass.

  3. Ron Suskind does a good job of explaining the rivalry that existed between Rumsfeld/Cheney and Bush 41 back in the Ford days. Rumsfeld especially thought that Bush 41 was a lightweight.

    That line about his mom is very telling. What a precarious family dynamic they must have.

  4. Anonymous2:42 PM

    ...Gerald Ford (an administration notable for the fact that no one remembers anything about it except tripping over stuff, Squeaky Fromme and WIN buttons).
    Don't forget about Poland being free of Communist control.

  5. Just an example of teenage rebellion run amok.

  6. Rumsfeld especially thought that Bush 41 was a lightweight.

    But that 43, what a statesman. What a thinker.

  7. Maybe the most depressing words ever written by Freud, "your personality is determined years before you are born."

    Or as I mentioned elsewhere, his cheese slipped off his cracker years ago.

  8. "...his cheese slipped off his cracker years ago."


  9. Richard Clark had a *revealing* Babs quote in "Against All Enemies"...

    That after 9-11 in one the top level pow-wows in their bunker mode, a shared meal for the groups was fried chicken and trimmings. (Bush called this his *comfort food*). Bush was asked what his favorite childhood meal was that his mom had cooked.

    His reply was that everything she ever made came out of a freezer and "That woman had frostbite on her fingers"!

  10. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Just what this country needed- a psychologically damaged nim rod to be the man! To take control like throwing a puppy against the wall because mommy doesn't cook! Binge drinking to cover up for some imagined trauma! Essentially a spoiled little brat that knew not one damn thing about diplomacy! A misfit sycophant that longed to be a cast member on Gunsmoke and shoot it up in the Wild Middle East! Okay that lst part didn't make any sense whatsoever, but then neither do the last nearly 6 years!

  11. I told ye it was about th'pee-pee...

    Hell, Babs an' 41 don't love each other, but at least Babs has th'love of her 'son', eh?


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