Tuesday, November 14

My vote for Time's "Person" of the year

The Blogosphere.

Arianna will have her panels and her list. Am I saying that KO, Colbert, Stewart, and even John Murtha would not be where they are without us? Well, yeah.

Don't get cocky. It's just a silly magazine cover, and if we win they're gonna put Markos' face on it. So there.


  1. I'm voting for Blue Gal!

  2. As long as I am not the skid mark, I'm OK with this.



  3. Didn't one of the news mags have a story earlier this years saying this election cycle will be the year of the blogger?

    My brain is so tired, I wish I could remember were I read that.

  4. I agree, Beege. I think bloggers have made a huge difference in how politics work. And with the MSM completely abandoning their duty, it's a good thing.


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