Saturday, November 4

I voted this weekend...

Not for real. I am waiting for Tuesday tho' Mr. BG did vote absentee. I went over to WaPo this morning and played a little Midterm Madness. You could spend all day switching red seats to blue over there, but I just stayed long enough to "vote for" Ned Lamont, Bob Casey Jr, and Tammy Duckworth. Oh, and the rumors are true: voting against Jean Schmidt is better than sex. With Jean Schmidt. I'm sure.


  1. Being waterboarded is better than sex with Jean Schmidt.

  2. Someone has had sex with Jean Schmidt ?

  3. Blue Gal - that mental image was a more powerful wood-kill than RoundUp.



  4. I haven't gotten my absentee ballot yet. There is a shortage...and a delay at the printers in San Diego. And, guess what? Diebold is the printer for the absentee ballots!


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