Wednesday, November 8

Counting the write-ins today.

Oh the post-election greeting cards are hilarious.

Last night Blue Gal took her family to the lil' gathering for Loretta Nall. Loretta says she had a huge number of emails from Alabamians saying they were voting for her, and that a couple supporters had seen people in polling places asking how to spell her name for the write-in.

For new readers to this blog Loretta Nall was the Libertarian candidate for Governor and the choice of protest voters and progressives here in Alabama.

One pol told her she would get 20% but I agree with Loretta that that number is BS. If she breaks 10% (write-in votes get counted today) that would be an astonishing accomplishment.

Think the tide is not turning? We'll see. If an atheist pot smoker gets 10 percent of the vote in Alabama...on a write-in campaign...

...then it's a sure sign "Democrat" Lucy Baxley's "close your eyes and pretend I'm a Republican" campaign did not work.

I love the Birmingham News's Department of Understatement: "Baxley lacked money and votes." Yeah, that lack of votes will getcha every time in politics, darn it.


  1. Howdy! I didn't know you were you until someone mentioned your blog after you left, but it was nice to meet you anyway... :)

    I was the guy in the golf shirt & khakis at the end of the table furthest from the TV. My friends and I stayed until, well, way too late, but we didn't see or hear any real numbers for Loretta. Hopefully today we'll know something.

    Those are some precious kids you've got, btw.

  2. Hey, Mad Patriot! Oh, I'm me, alright. Sorry we didn't get to talk blogging. We could have put the CNN party to shame. Next time walk up and put a drink in my hand and we'll get bizay. As bizay as we can get with my husband and three kids on tow. Cheers!

  3. I wrote in the name of a good friend for Governor of Georgia. The race between corrupt GOP good old boy versus even more corrupt good old boy Democrat.

    GOP good old boy won.

  4. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Loretta knows that she got my vote, but I have to say that anonymously here because of what I do politically. And, BG, I'd put a drink or anything else you want in your hand just for the opportunity of meeting you face to face, hubby and kids or not.


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