Thursday, November 16

Welcome to Crooks and Liars Readers

Mike of the Blog Roundup was kind enough to give me a hat tip this morning. In his honor, I'm re-running part of a post from Election Day. Below is an interview Brainshrub did with Mike his own self. I got a copy in part because Mike has some extremely nice things to say about this here blog. But he also talks about the history of Crooks and Liars, as well as the blogosphere in general. Be aware this interview took place before Election Day.

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More important than what Mike had to say about Blue Gal is what he says about blogging itself: you don't choose blogging, it chooses you. And a diamond is just a piece of coal that stuck with it. I hope bloggers who listen to this get inspired to let blogging choose them, and stick with it.

They've got a nice pic of Mike at the Odeo site, but this one is my favorite. That look could get you into, and more importantly, out of, a lot of trouble with women, and probably has, Mike honey. Oh. And he's a musician. Who has played with hmm, everybody. Whatta heartbreaker. Sigh.


  1. Well, blow me down. I had no idea that Mike was that Mike! He's someone I've known for a long,long time, and I did not know he was a blogger. What a small world.

  2. Blue Gal, you are a good hearted diamond. I like your blog, too.


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