Monday, November 6

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for November 6

Even though she totally doesn't need the hits, I'm giving The Don't Sugarcoat It Award for today to Shakespeare's Sister, for this lovely comment regarding the Neo-Con's flip-flop on Iraq:

I’ve got only two words for the neocon brigade: FUCK YOU.

Now go die slow professional deaths in obscurity at discredited conservative think tanks, where no one with any sense will ever listen to a word you utter ever again.

I'm hesitant to give a runner-up award to a right-wing Malkin-linker, but this comment from a right-wing blogger (who shall be nameless and linkless all the same) cracked me up:

Rot in hell Saddam. May all your 72 virgins be a bevy of Barbra Streisands perpetually singing "People" to you.

Could the 72 Barbaras be singing "People" on Oprah and put Saddam between them on the couch while they fight over who loves Donna Karan more? Dante eat your heart out.

Shout out to Tinfoil Hat Boy at Corrente: in honor of election eve I've got the pulled pork in the crockpot.


  1. Even though she totally doesn't need the hits

    LOL! Yes, I do!

    Thanks for the link, as always, Blue Gal.

  2. Pulled Prk - appropriate, aand very tasty. I'll be right over...

  3. been awhile since I had a decent pulled pork. save some for the Whipp.

    and I wouldn't put it past Saddam to enjoy 72 Babses.

    Whippersnapp: Why America Will Kick the Republicans' Asses

  4. Well, it could be worse, the Barbras could be singing "Evergreen."



  5. always interested1:45 AM

    To Shakespeare's sister by way of Blue Gal ... Well said. Concise. To the point. Ditto.


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