Sunday, November 12

So tell me, Mister Carville, do you drink during the day?


We really didn't have any doubts about that, Mary.

What is that guy smokin'? Get rid of Dean and replace with Harold Ford? Why, because he likes girls? Because Harold needs a job? What?

You are messing with success, Jimbo. It's called winning.

Are you looking for a promotion on Fox? That must be it.


  1. I have never liked Mr. Carville.

    He looks like a muppet washed on the hot rinse.

    Arrogant would be a kind word for him.

  2. Look out Novakula, Carville wants your job!

  3. We really didn't have any doubts about that, Mary.


  4. James, James, James... run a successful campaign this decade and then we can talk.

  5. maggie12:39 PM

    I don't trust the guy anymore. Wasn't he the one that called his wife on the VP's staff and told her that Kerry was lawyering up in Ohio?

  6. He hasn't looked well for a couple of years now...

    And I think maybe Mary's exaggerating!

  7. Tell me, does anybody REALLY listen to that chucklehead anymore? Really? This is nuts. FIRE the guy who just actually helped to stra-tee-ger-ize a SWEEP? Like we'd fire Vince Lombardi? What a dope.

    And please, explain to me what exactly Harold Ford brings to the Democrats' table? He sounds like a Republican. Heck, he sounds like LIEBERMAN, and we "ran that bozo out of the party," didn't we? What is the attraction?

  8. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Everytime I realize that Carville was some supposed poltitcal genuis during the Clinton Campaign...I get a brain freeze. He seems like such a buffoon...but was that BEFORE of AFTER he married Matalin? *snark*

  9. how is it that they have not only stayed married but procreated? they are both aliens- from another planet. carville certainly looks like one- and we all know that matalin is some kind of borg queen.

  10. Carville says what he says because someone pays him to. he's an empty vessel, with a slot for currency.

  11. Anonymous10:53 PM

    James Carville once threw a chair at me, about 16 years ago. Well, to be completely honest, he threw it at a wall and I just happened to be in between him and the wall. Still, my brush with greatness. Or whatever.

  12. let's ease up on the Ragin' Cajun: can you imagine going home to Chaney's Bitch every night? No wonder he has that hysterical laugh...

  13. Mary's being generous. Does anyone doubt Carville's heart is in the wrong place?

    It's sort of analagous to religious mixed marriages. Don't the men convert more often than the women?


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