Friday, November 10

You guys are da bomb.

Google blue gal. No quotes. Caps, no caps, doesn't matter. Just type it. Enter it.

Man. Just man.


Next up: "panties."


  1. bluegal... one word, no quotes or caps got me 9980 hits/links/whatevers in .17 secs.

    Hmmm... "chris in Seattle" gets me chris doehring's homepage -- not me -- but it did also get me links to a few comments I've left here.

  2. The good news is this here blog is the first link. h

  3. Gregorio10:52 AM

    So I googled blue gal as you suggested and found out a little deep background about my fave bloggy chick.

    BlueGal DNA

    There was another bluish gal around, probably in the Clinton era, who did her best to keep this nation blue. But now it can be known. She didn't have that deep blue ability of our own Blue Gal. She was a wash out who's now called "X-Gal".

    For the ability to produce the deepest blue, to wash out even the reddest of redneck states, we call on our own Blue Gal (though some sexist pigs like to diss her by tagging her BIMB1030). You and I know her as that fantastically snappy brainiac, made of sugar and spice and 5-Bromo-3-indolyl-b-D-galactopyranoside, for that SUPER BLUE hue!

    And we owe Blue Gal our undying thanks for helping to put a whole passle o' panties in a super blue bunch over at the RNC--otherwise known as Pantywaist City. They'll be unbunching for years to come.

    Blue Gal!!! Blog On!!!

  4. Congrats! I have a long way to go before "walnut" pulls me up first thing :)

  5. Whoo, lucky -- you have to go to page five of the camera obscura google to find me, unless you stick the parenthetical addendum in. (a little light in a dark place)


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