Wednesday, November 1

National Blog Posting Month - NaBloPoMo

Go ahead, imagine one of these seals on a Cafepress thong. I won't be officially joining NaBloPoMo because I already post every day, but I want to encourage those of you who find that a challenge to get on board. Blogging/writing every day for a month will make you a better blogger/writer. My resolution for November is to check my blogroll in total at least once a week. I've been awful about visiting your blogs recently. I'm sorry.

And by the way, I can't find my bricks and mortar address book anywhere. Just in time for Christmas. Ugh.

Details for NaBloPoMo are here.

If I had my way, posts that say "look what HuffPo/Alternet/MediaMatters said" without any further writing would not count. Trust me, if you went to the trouble to set up a blog, then you, my dear blogger, have something to say that no one else can. Write.


  1. wonderful post. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to suggest directions my poem might take.
    i try to post , even a small bit, every day. i think it keeps things in the personal tone that i really want.

  2. As soon as things settle down at work, I plan to blog a bit more every day.

    And check on everyone else's blog. I've been so preoccupied recently. :-(

  3. I agree emphatically that posts that merely provide a link to someone else's post shouldn't count. Still, some of the larger blogs do that on a regular basis. I can forgive it if it's one or even two posts a day from a site that has ten or twenty.
    I also hear you on the difficulty of keeping a regular check on your blogroll. Problem is, there are so many people with a voice worth listening to, and so few hours in the day.
    (Boy there's a political platform I would support. 'Vote for us, and we'll add two hours to the length of the day. You can do anything you want with it.' Tantric sex, anyone? LOL!)

  4. Wait, did someone just write 'sex'?

    Anywho, I believe there's all sorts of different styles to blogging. I've been at over a year and I'm still trying to find the style/voice that fits best with me. Making it part of your routine is crucial, though.

    Not the greatest writer am I, but the consistency has made me better that I was.

    I'd love to participate in this but I've got to take the weekends off. Good blogging to all that do!

  5. And by the way, I can't find my bricks and mortar address book anywhere. Just in time for Christmas. Ugh.

    I didn't have one, just a db on the computer w/ names, addresses, titles (I have a pair of Rev.s, even) and for each year what kind of card I sent them (funny, Christian, non-religious) and whether they sent me one back (two years w/ no reply and you're outta there, unless you're fambly).

    We got a new iMac this summer when the 5-year-old PowerMac finally went TU. And hey, guesswhat? Because I started my db before MS deigned to make Word for Mac, it was on AppleWorks. Which doesn't exist any more. Nor is there conversion software.

    Sweet mother of pearl, I am soooooo screwed.

  6. What are these blog things?


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