Monday, November 6

Tomorrow is take a Republican to the Laundromat day.

Aw, heck. Take the whole party.

We had a really good example of GOP crapola in a judicial race here in Birmingham this weekend. Let's take this slow but sure, and remember, I did not make this up. We elect judges in Alabama, which basically means the judge who can shout "the Ten Commandments" the loudest, (that is, the words "the Ten Commandments," not the actual commandments) gets elected. Don't get me started.

Republican candidate Mark Gaines, (who by the way by some odd twist is not an elected judge, he's an appointed hack, go figure) on a campaign mail flyer, cut and pasted old white lady's weepy face into an ad.

The ad implies that Dem. opponent, Alan King, had personally kicked her out of her home when he ruled with the City of Homewood AL that her property be condemned. Problem is:

1. Building was owned by a woman named Sue Fong Loo.

There's an acronym in Alabama for women named "Sue Fong Loo." PNW. "Probably Not White." Certainly not by Alabama's rigorous standards for white-i-tude.

2. According to the City of Homewood records, building had been "vacant" for five years.

A tip for GOP'ers from Alabama. "Vacant" is not just the kind of stare you give when you find out your pastor is a homo. In this instance, it means nobody lives there. The fact that the property was vacant and was about to be "condemned" (the word is not just for Satan anymore!) apparently had somewhat to do with Judge King's ruling in the case.

3. Son of owner had negotiated to sell property to developers with the understanding that building would be demolished. City finally bought the building with that understanding.

Right. The building was owned by the City of Homewood at the time of demolition. They did not rent it to a little old white lady before they tore it down just to make her cry.

The mailing was supposed to arrive in people's mailboxes Monday, too late for a rebuttal. Due to a "mailing error" the flyer arrived Friday, and apparently were also mistakenly placed in the mailboxes of some members of the Homewood City Council, where this building is, and who were the defendants in the particular building case. The Democrats on the council went apeshit. I've lived in the Birmingham area for ten years, and I can tell you, Friday afternoon news conferences with the Homewood City Council are the exception.

The money quote from the local news coverage of this: Gaines' campaign consultant, a disciple of Carl if ever there was one, said, "...the claims are based on a court they're accurate."

Except for the RACE of the lady pictured in the ad. And the fact that she doesn't exist. And the building wasn't occupied. And the other stuff. Please send this guy to look for WMD's in Baghdad. If anybody can find non-existent SHIT...

Have a great time voting tomorrow, folks. And if you have any problems, take pictures so we can all see, got it?

UPDATE NOV 8: The good guys won.


  1. Election day will be interesting here in Atlanta.

    The governor's race is between GOP Good Old Boy verus Republicrat Good Old Boy. The union wants me to vote for the Republicrat, but I may write in a vote for Blue Gal.

    (Don't say I never did anything for ya, Blue Gal).

    A lady from my church is running unopposed for State Senate. A UU running for office! How unusual!
    So I shall vote for her.

    And then we vote on a statewide amendment which confirms that BY GOD, hunters have the right to use dogs when going after deer. Because Georgia feels like it has a g_d given right to blow away Bambi any way it sees fit. *sighs*

  2. Wheee Doggies! We get to vote here in South Carolina, on a rainy day sadly, on a statewide amendment that restricts rights for couples not properly man, woman and married. Aimed at gays, it could be used to curtail rights of any duo without a marriage license, but what do they expect, they's most likely damn co-habitatin' sinners anyway!!

    Good luck, today, Gal & co. Here's hoping that, even if our state choices are limited, we get change at the national level. And yes, EVERYONE write your heart out about any voting problems. This may be a great day in blogging history.

  3. That was some of the best writing I've seen here, and that's *SAYING* something, BG!


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