Thursday, November 16

The Weblog awards are open.

Let the blogwhoring begin! (DO nominate your own blog, people.) And if you just so happen to be wondering where Blue Gal is on the TTLB Ecosystem, she's #4386, a flappy bird, which means you would nominate her here. Just saying. Thanks, Konagod, for the heads up.

I probably won't attend the red carpet ceremony for this one. But I've got my dress ready for the Koufax's:

That's my virtual dress for the virtual red carpet. If you think I could fit in something like that after three kids, well, you're probably voting for W in '08.

I nominated a couple other blogs for best humor blog: Princess Sparkle Pony and CFAV. Don't make me pick.

Speaking of Sparklepony, Her Highness has an innovative product in development with the Michael Steele campaign talking urinal cake. (I can barely type those last three words without gagging. Sorry.) Back in the day I visited Qwerty's house and he had a pic of a smiling yuppie taped to the inside of his toilet lid. All of which gave me the idea for a low cost alternative: taping a picture of Jean Schmidt to the inside of my toilet seat lid. I like this idea better than the urinal cake because a) for some reason it doesn't have the eww factor the urinal cake does and b) it is unisex. Women can moon and men can, well, you know. Please, no comments on how she might like that. BeggingTalking toilet seat lid? Well, I might post about something like that over at Risties, but not here. Never here.


  1. One word for ya, baby:

  2. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Who the hell could fit into that, three kids or none? What is that, like a 3 inch waist? Somebody give that poor model a sammich!

  3. Karen, you know my bustle is built in. The rest of you, I present to you my theme song.

  4. Well, BG, the people over at unruly mob weren't so excited. I simply explained quite briefly what had happened, and put a link. They deleted it.

    I don't think that the Left really will go very far if we adopt the authoritarian behavior of those we claim to be against.

    I think it partly explains why the Left is constantly in disarray. Even Murtha's loss reveals this same type of myopia and lack of conviction.

    It's a shame. We can do a lot better than this.

  5. The Jean Schmidt idea is lovely... touching.

    And, as always, thanks for the kind words!

  6. So what panties do you wear with a dress like that or like the model you are, do you go comando !

    PS. You have yet to expain the flap on the supposed panites in the previous blog.

  7. There's a song about that, too, Organic. I'll explain about the boy shorts over there.

  8. You get my vote, Blue Gal!.

    I'm not going to nominate my blog because I'm too new to da blogosphere.

  9. Thank you for the nomination. You, of course, were nominated by me. (Before I read this, so I can score some brownie points.)

    -- Herman

  10. Speaking of blogwhoring, Beege, you're cordially invited to my 2-year Blog-i-versary party at Hooterville...

  11. I got your back, SB!

  12. The dress is still pretty and you still have my vote.


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