Wednesday, November 15

Just a couple questions...

In the spirit of bi-partisanship exhibited by the White House:

Why was Halliburton given a no-bid contract for post Katrina clean up? Have they fulfilled the contract? What were the terms of the contract?

Why were the lowest recorded gas prices of the year the day before Election Day
? And Congress, if in order to answer this, you think you need to hold another "whore and sugar daddy" hearing with the presidents of big oil? Forget it. Send three hundred federal treasury agents to Houston, unannounced, with warrants, and confiscate hard drives. The revolution will begin forthwith. The reason this won't happen? See whore and sugar daddy comment above.

How on earth could 115,817 people vote for Jean Schmidt?

Hey, Alabama! Why haven't you counted my vote for governor yet? And why do the newspapers tally totals showing a 100% split between Democrat and Republican when the write-ins (allegedly in the thousands) have not been counted?

Trent Lott? Trent? Lott?


  1. Lott? Because the Klan vote still matters.

    Schmidt? Because the Appalachian vote still matters.

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Personally, I have my fingers crossed for Joe Barton as House Minority Leader. Few things would please me more than having that snivelling venal crypto-fascist as the bloated splotchy face of the House GOP.

  3. Yeah, when are we going to get Loretta's vote count?

  4. Try breathing into a paperbag.

    Slow steady breaths

    See all better

  5. Lott?

    Oh, because we'd be better off if that whole Civil Rights Movement nonsense had never gone through.

    About the pump prices--I mentioned that to my father and he said: Jimmy Carter did the same goddamn thing when he was in office, son. AND Bill Clinton! AND all of 'em. They're all crooks!

  6. I expect a vote count next week from the Secretary of States office. They weren't reported on election night because there is no law in Alabama that says they have to be. Nancy Worley could have ordered counties to tally and report on election night and I specifically requested that she do so, but she did not. Someone else in the SoS office told me that in years past that if it was requested in advance the SoS office did tell the counties to do that, problem....but since Worley took over she micro-managed everything and no one had any power without going through her.

    I am glad she got her ass kicked.

    I have confidence that we will get our numbers from the SoS office next week. If that turns out not to be the case then I am lining up legal minds to help in the facilitation of a lawsuit either on my behalf or on behalf of voters or both....whichever appears to be the best way to go about it.
    It'll be another classic case of lemons into lemonade.

  7. Yep...I aksed the same thing about How STUPID can 114,385 folks be?!?

    Here's the Answer! Pretty DAMN Stupid!

    Whoo-Boy Did these Good folks *Show* us folks how to Ride that Wave of Change...and end up face first on the beach with a mouth full of sand. And Po' Denny can't even RUN for a leadership position - and may not make his full term - after we get the results of the Ethic report on the Foley matter, His connections to Abramoff corruption , and his $10 Million dollar profit on a land deal in Il related to his earmarks for the Prairie parkway!

    Oh Yeah...ya gotta wonder what that vote was about for those 114,385 folks!

  8. Blue Gal dem ain't panties dey gotas flap !

  9. They're called boy briefs. They are designed for women. I guess some men are turned on by that, but why wouldn't a girl then just steal his? I would think that would be even more "sexy." But in reality, to me "sexy underwear" is kind of an oxymoron. Better to have it out of the way all together if you want to be sexy. Just saying.


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