Sunday, July 8

And while we're on the subject of Birthdays...

July is a great month for bloggers.

Today is the birthday of both Quaker Dave (as shown below) and Alicia Morgan of Last Left Turn before Hooterville

RevPhat of Unruly Mob/Les Enrages had hers yesterday.

AL of Threading Water has hers tomorrow.

BG her own self is the 16th. Ooh, that's salon night too. Paaarty!

Qwerty of Qwerty's Qoncepts is the 23rd.

Paul -V- of Brainshrub is the 28th.

If you know of any other blogger July bdays, let us know in comments. And happy birthday.


  1. Can I say it's my birthday? It really isn't, but I just want some cake! Is there any chocolate ice cream?

  2. My late Granny (great grandmother) was born on the Fourth of July. She died in 2004, just shy of her 106th birthday. Her daughter, my grandmother, was born on the 5th of July. Most of Granny's 10 brothers and sisters were also born in July, apparently since their father worked on the cattle drives and only got back into town in October...

  3. What is it about July birthdays and bloggers? Mine is on Bastille Day, the 14th and I will not be older than dirt, but close to it.

  4. Oh, darlings, you're all invited for cake and 'tinis. And, thanks to BlueGal, I have TWO full days of celebration ahead.

    Lucky Me.

  5. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Holy Cow. Is there enough Happy in the whole blogosphere to cover all these birthdays???

    We shall try.

    "Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy...

  6. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Pam and Chet both had birthdays yesterday (July 8). Dan's is July 28.

  7. Hummmm ... looks like Nov is the month for .... well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!


  8. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Happy Monkey entered this world July 27th! July is a good month indeed.


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