Tuesday, July 10

Oops. Somebody replaced the low-fat hummus at the National Review Party with...

Vaseline. Smile, everybody!

You guys know I don't usually link to her but Pammy. Anyone with your marketing background ought to know that if you want to sell a calendar, you might actually want to know how to spell "calendar." And any product that you advertise with

"Gorgeous Calender with Atlas, Bolton, Cheney, Newt, Kaufman, SWIMSUITS too."

I just don't think I could turn the page from one month to the next.

hat tip: Instaputz (yeah they went with the obvious exclamation and it fits) via Blogenfreude.


  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Wingnut cheesecake, who woulda thunk?

    That Bolton sure is a handsome rascal though, ain't he?

  2. EWWWW. Make it stop!!!

    (Newt sure looks happy, though, doesn't he?)

  3. Thanks a bunch, Blue Gal. Now I have to go find a melon baller and core away the part of my brain that's been permanently turned green thinking about Pammy Atlas in a bikini again.

    And I tried so hard to forget those YouTube vids of her at the beach.

  4. Anonymous7:52 AM

    I won't look, just the thought of Cheney in a swimsuit is more than I can handle


  5. Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like Pammy and David Horowitz for the November picture.

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  7. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Enough already - Atlas Juggs and Malkkkin in the same photo! If Adam's Apple Annie joins them, the Apocalypse starts!



  8. now thats the kind of ho you can degrade with sodomy and oral without feeling sorry. and yes, in that order.

  9. Manila, that talk ain't cool. You can ridicule that silly wrongheaded egotist without being misogynist.

  10. Oh come on Truffle, the woman's entire gimmick is that she's trying to be a MILF. If she were an ordinary trash-talking pundit then sexuality wouldn't even factor into it, but a calendar with bikini shots? How can you pass up such a prime opportunity to joke about sexual abuse?

    The comment's main focus was on her eating her own shite off my hooha, not on her being a woman. Hell, it's even an invitation I'll even extend to everyone at Fox and Friends.

  11. Did somebody mis-spell Decembar?

  12. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I'll bet every block on that calendar lists the days remaining until "September the 11th". Or a fun fact about John Bolton.


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