Wednesday, July 4

Sorry for this.

I apologize to my readers in advance for this post. It's kind of personal. I am speaking from my heart here.

I was a deeply religious moralistic virgin until I was 26 years old. So I think I know what I am talking about, and I write without condemnation or rancor, when I say that a certain right wing blogger woman needs to get laid relentlessly until she doesn't know what day it is.

I also apologize for linking to NRO's The Corner, but at least I used the words "get laid" for my link. Google bomb, indeed.

Tip of something tasty to my fellow Aristocrat, Sandy Underpants. BTW, didja see him without the beard? Gawd, so do-able, in a dangerous Keith Richards kinda way. I'll never forget that night after the Eschaton blogroll party, Sandy. Never. xoxo


  1. HA!!!!

    That post just brought me back to a movie. Good Morning Vietnam!

    Quote: Robin Williams playing to SGM Dickerson:

    You're in more dire need of a blow job than any white man in history!

    Well done, BG! Happy Independence Day.

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Oh, fer chissakes. She doesn't need to get laid. She needs a good thump to the head.

    Happy 7/4 BG. You rock, even if you were a deeply religious moralistic 24-year old virgin.

  3. Ha! I don't know what made me laugh more, the post or the comments so far! Happy 4th!

    (Really, a little more healthy sex or conversely, a little Lysistrata action, could really do wonder for the world.) ;-)

  4. Having read K-Lo's ramblings, I have three words for you, BG:

    Not. Enough. Booze.

  5. Does this person even know what the arrows represent? Any bundle of rods is called a fasci. Basically, fascism - strength through unity. Maybe it's just all the art history classes I had to take, but I thought this was common knowledge.

    This woman is complaining that fascism isn't being properly represented on Independence Day. That's the Right for ya.

  6. See, that would imply that someone would want to. Lay her, that is.

    Just sayin'...

  7. There are very few people so (pardon the pun) hard up that they'd waste their time and little blue pills on someone THAT off the deep end.

  8. I think the line for "thump her on the head" would be much longer than "hump her on the bed." Yeah.

  9. Anonymous7:15 PM

    K-Lo says that she did not choose virginity, it chose her.


    What K-Lo chose was most of the Sara Lee Aisle at the Piggley Wiggley, and that was just a snack.



  10. You're right about bundles of sticks, but the classic fasces also has an axe in the center with its bladed head sticking out. The Great Seal of the U.S.A features arrows, a bit different, which represent war as opposed to peace, which are represented by the olive leaves and berries held in the other claw. There are 13 olives and leaves, as well as 13 arrows, 13 stripes, etc. for the colonies. In the classic seal, the eagle's head faces the olives to represent that America prefers peace but will go to war when necessary — although I heard an NPR interview with some White House historian who claims that interpretation was made up after the fact in response to a question by a visitor, and another account I've read says that Truman changed the direction the eagle faced to the olive side in 1945. Anyway, some of K-Lo's fans are certainly war-mongers who think peace is for sissies, apparently, and probably do advocate fascism, but the Seal has its own internal symbolism. Hahaha. Funny the things you remember from school. Anyway, happy 4th, everybody! I'm sure K-Lo will root out all the evildoers at Google...

  11. God help us if the eagle had been carrying onion rings...

  12. The Local Crank said...
    God help us if the eagle had been carrying onion rings...


    If K-Lo and Althouse merged - a "perfect storm" of wingnuttery...


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