Friday, July 20

We all owe Him one...

Manila sent this over and I love it. (2:48) Watch to the end.

Update: Manila also has the best youtube debate question going.


  1. "If touching yourself was heroin, you'd be Keith Richards!" Priceless!

  2. It only makes sense that Jesus would have those Vader skills.

    I thought that the Pope did away with purgatory then I just looked it up and it was limbo At least babies won't be exposed to Happy Hand's infernal wankin'. If the Pope can do all that, then why doesn't he wipe out hell and the who mess? This is all so confusing.

  3. Hell is pretty much in the Bible. Purgatory and limbo are theories by Catholic scholars of the early Middle Ages, and Limbo was never an official doctrine. Not quite the same thing.

  4. Luke, I am your Savior.


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