Friday, August 14

Joe Scarborough doth protest too much...

Really, Joe, you protest too much. Why bring it up? You're just reminding everyone that Katherine Harris, who was elected Secretary of State, housed GOP officials IN HER HOUSE during the recount proceedings. Also, I thought O'Donnell was smarter than this:

Good thing Florida has cleaned up its act and now the Secretary of State is appointed by the Governor. Ugh.

Joe getting his panties in a twist, when Hillary Clinton did not say rigged or stolen or anything of the sort, just gives us all an excuse to remember what DID happen. Why'dya do it, Joe?


  1. Goodness! Just look at the pink bloomers on leapin' Joe - what an unseemly display of high-waisted dudgeon.


  2. Always good to remember Joe's walking off the set after Rachel Maddow turned out to be most unMikalike, too.

  3. honey, the folks who buy into his show don't ask questions- they just believe....


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