Monday, August 24

Joe's Both Sides Do It Clean Hands Patrol, Revisited

Joe Scarborough wants to sing bi-partisan kum-bay-yah! While sitting in his comfy dry diaper false equivalance that "hating" the rape of the constitution, torture, signing statements, and war creating/profiteering on the part of the Vice-President and a third of the cabinet, equals hating the brown furrin'-born President because his health plan will kill grandma and take away my guns? Really, Joe.

Let me show you some left wing hate speech on the subject of clean hands. This from Blue Gal in October 2006. See if you notice any differences between my own "hate speech" and Crazy Eileen waving her own birth certificate from a string around her neck and yelling "Kenyan."

From October 2006:

Wolf Blitzer's interview with Second Lady Lynne Cheney, transcript courtesy of C&L:

BLITZER: ...there have been some cases where innocent people have been picked up, interrogated, held for long periods of time then simply said never mind, let go — they're let go.

CHENEY: Well, are you sure these people are innocent?

BLITZER: They're walking around free right now and nobody has arrested them.

CHENEY: You made a point last night of a man who had a bookstore in London where radical Islamists gathered who was in Afghanistan when the Taliban were there, who went to Pakistan. You know, I think that you might be a little careful before you declare this as a person with clean hands.

You know, I sleep better at night knowing that the wife of the Vice-President knows clean hands when she sees them.

"Smells like Teen Smegma."

"Surprisingly soft, and has the same scent
as my granny's musty old douche bag."

"It's uncanny how Lebanese dead-baby blood-stink...."

"...reminds me of Iraqi dead-baby blood-stink."

dick cheney
"Thank goodness Halliburton profits smell like rose petals!"

"And we know why he uses hand sanitizer on a regular basis."

abu grahib
"But you hung out in the wrong bookstore, chump."


  1. I don't fall lock-step behind what someone says just because they happen to be liberal, but... the left complains about things that actually happened. We WERE lied to about Iraq. How do I know? NO WEAPONS FOUND.

    The right is complaining about things that don't even exist, or empty blanket accusations like "He's turning us socialist!" ... phantoms. Like the death panels.

    It's like the difference between complaining when someone hits you, and complaining because "I don't like the way that guy is looking at me."

  2. Remember that they were all just following orders.

  3. Those hands all look clean but what about the germs we just can't see.

  4. If I were BitchPhD, I would take that as the highest form of flattery to have Joe the Dumber take the time to diss me. I think it means nerves were hit.


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