Sunday, August 16

Newt advises Sarah (with a low bow to Jan van Eyck)

Welcome to folks coming from Crooks and Liars, and you can click the image for full-size. Original version here, though if you look closely in the mirror you can see van Eyck had his own obsession with "pixels."

More about the original painting on the Wiki page.


  1. The Photo.. makes me want to know if this is an imaculate conception, and if she thinks clicking her high heeled slippers will get her out of another fine mess!

    Sorry, it's just where my mind went when I looked at that picture... can't help it my sence of humor is either dark or obseen.. (no socially redeaming value)

  2. A very low bow, indeed!

    I think that break you took was great for your creativity.

    And, yes, I know you didn't do this one, but I would have missed it except for you.


  3. Please pardon my underspeak.

    I know you did "this" one. And I apologize for any confusion I caused.

    Must have been last night. . . .


    Maybe I was thinking Newt did it.


    Brilliant nevertheless.


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