Saturday, August 29

Whoops I almost missed First Annual Sarah Palin Day!

Maybe we can make it last all week!

The right wing blogosphere is celebrating the

First Annual Sarah Palin Day

the anniversary of the glorious hour she was announced as McCain's running mate.

No. Really. I am not making that up. Honest. Look at the Google Blog Search yourself.

PS. Anyone who brings up "Obama Derangement Syndrome" after looking at those blogs can smooch my Left-of-Barack Socialist butt.

I know, I'm getting pretty good at the photoshop. You'd almost think the above graphic was, gasp, Zaius. I flatter myself.


  1. Not the Gasp Zaius, International Photoshop Meanie?

    I may have to repost Faster President! Drill! Drill! just to give these cheetostains an excuse to run to the bathroom to 'wash up', in the spirit of comity.


  2. "Maybe we can make it last all week."

    I'll try my best!

  3. Do I need my 3-D Glasses for this?

  4. I can see Sarah Palin's 2012 flameout from my front porch.

  5. Aw, she's so purty and doggone smart, ain't she?

    Just makes me want to give her a big old hug and squeeze and squeeze and SQUEEZE...

    Ooops. Squoze a little too hard. Sorry, Sarah.

  6. Thanks for the reminder! Argggggggggh!

    I recall that I was just driving into the parking lot at Lowe's, I called Lisa Golden immediately.

    I was at Lowe's today... and I don't go there very often. Perhaps my car "just knew."

    I do hope that Darkblack reposts Faster President! Drill! Drill! I loved it.

  7. I sometimes wish there was a Canadian Sarah Palin we could celebrate...alas.....

  8. that IS good good, in fact, that I'll probably steal it


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