Thursday, August 27

Oh let's just come out and say it.

'cause really, how insecure do you have to be to openly carry a loaded weapon in the vicinity of the nation's first Black President?**

I received from my childrens' school yesterday the "code of conduct" handbook put out by the district, a fifty-seven page document which outlines policies and procedures related to student conduct and behavior.

The highest "Level IV" Misconduct, which automatically leads to a ten-day out of school suspension and possible follow-up with law enforcement, includes

  • Possession/use of/or transfer of weapons or look-alike weapons/or other objects to produce bodily harm.
  • Physical intimidation of a student, school employee, or other person.
  • Other acts of misconduct which are seriously disruptive and/or which create a safety hazard to students, staff and/or school property.

Mayors of cities/towns where the President appears, I have one word for you: liability. School boards do not have zero-tolerance policies on weapons because they want to piss off the National Rifle Association. They do it to protect themselves and those around them not only from gunshots, but from lawsuits. How's your city budget doin', there, Mister Mayor? Want to pay some lawyers lots of overtime to have them tell you to settle for bigger bucks, because some kid got shot by a bullet intended to intimidate a certain VIP out-of-towner? Talk it over with your council. Work it out with the Secret Service and Congress. And do it quick.

**PS The General goes even further and is so right: if the President's penis is duly registered we won't have all this trouble.


  1. Local cops are slow to detain and interrogate local gun-loons toting pieces to Presidential gatherings because they are wary of being though to be protecting a negro--any negro, even the President--from the protests of their KKK neighbors...

  2. Woody, you're comment terrifies me. If the cops won't detain and interrogate local gun loons, who will protect and serve the rest of us?

    Great post Blue Gal!

  3. Momentarily silenced by Woody's comment...

    In any case, it is all madness. Utah is right - who will serve us?

    This really ticks me off every time I read about gun toting anything.

  4. If someone carried a gun openly in NYC not only would SWAT teams be called, the sky would be buzzing with helicopters. I find this open gun carrying bullshit odd. And scary. Someone is going to unload one of these days.

  5. Some of my friends have a jesture we use when seeing PPNV (say it Fast) PPNV, OK raise your hand, close three fingers over your thumb, leaving your pinky extended... works well when seeing a giant TRUCK with those tires that are bigger than the driver.. you just look over at a friend and raise that pinky.. nuf-said.. ..

  6. How can someone carry an assult rifle over their shoulder and a hand gun on their belt to a place where our President is speaking.. why didn't the croud get the police to take them in.. this is out right terrorism.. anyone seeing the guy in this picture knows this guy is a bubble off.. you have to have lost all your sence to do this.. I don't think the right to bear arms.. is what was going on.. he was making a threat.. his life was not in danger.. he was't in his home.. he wasn't out hunting for food.. he was thuming his nose at our President.. admitted we might not always agree with our President.. but he is still our President.. weapons brought out to a public place like that, it shouldn't be allowed.. he should have been locked up for public safty..... Sorry.. this behavior ticks me off..

  7. Well said, as per usual.

  8. These are the things that scare the rest of us about America. I just hope to god it isn't contagious.

    (BG your writing and your thought process just keeps getting better and better...and...please don't ever stop)

  9. "Citizens" who take guns to public meetings may have small penises,but mostly they are fear-addled cowards. Cowardice IS contagious, too; the Repugs have been cultivating it for decades under the guise of traditionalism and conservatism, but now it is blatant and hysterical.

    If there really is a hallmark of a new politics, it must be the demonstrable courage of our convictions. If there is an America that must be taken back, it is the America that is brave and true; not some bullshit cowardice that threatens everyone. The difference couldn't be clearer.
    Thanks as always, BG.

  10. Anonymous12:21 PM

    BG you have been on a tear lately.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. I couldn't tell you if it's been said before, but it hasn't been said better. So do you think Republicans become Republicans because they have small penises or is it just a correlation?

    FYI, gave a special shout out to you over at my place for my 1000th post.

  12. Fear addled cowards is an understatement. All those gun nuts seemed to be scared shitless most of the time.

    Great post. I'm borrowing the graphic.


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