Monday, August 10

Tire Blow Out/Job in Minnesota

That's a picture of my actual tire that blew out on I-35 in Minnesota. Naturally, I blame Tim Pawlenty. He thinks Cash for Clunkers is a bad idea even though it "makes everybody feel good." It's just government masturbation, Tim? Is that what you're trying to say?

Anyhoo, I got the tire changed and even bought a spare in Minnesota, adding to the sales tax coffers of Minnesota just like those darn feel-gooders who bought a new car/orgasm with cash for clunkers/"head honcho joy gripper pussy pal". (Sorry folks, I just love making the Google Search engines go kablooie.)

Remember, Governor Pawlenty, when you hold out your hand to take all that automobile state tax revenue, shave your palms first.

The guy who fixed my tire kept talking about his commitment to Minnesota, and he looked vaguely familiar and, of course, overly feel-goodish...but he swore to me he only did that "cash for clunkers" thing until he needed glasses.

If any of you have an extra five bucks to help me pay for this mishap, I'd appreciate it. The button below ONLY allows donations of five bucks, I don't want to ask for more from anyone. Thanks again.

I'm home now, salon tonight. See you then. xo


  1. But when I Google "head honcho joy gripper pussy pal", Google asks, "Did you mean: head honcho joey gripper pussy pal".

    What do young kangaroos have to do with it?

  2. Hope you have a repair-free return.

  3. That looks like it could have been nasty and I hope you have determined the cause of this and if it was preventable taken measures to see that it doesn't happen again.

  4. Thanks OneFly the actual guy who changed my tire said he thought I hit a piece of construction material or some such and going 60-65 in 90 degree heat the tire just couldn't take it. Also by the time this photo was taken I'd driven it onto the tow truck bed and the guy had taken it off the car so it looks worse than it could have been. It was a front tire and I'm very grateful no one hit me as I pulled onto the median.


  5. Well hell, that is more of an adventure than you signed up for. Glad you were able to bail out of freeway traffic safely. Jeez!


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