Wednesday, August 5

A Quickie on the Road

Does this "healthcare reform will abort babies and kill our grandmas" canard remind anyone else of the "Equal Rights Amendment means we all have to use unisex bathrooms" canard of the 1970's? Why does this BS work?


One night stand in Chicago last night, one night at home tonight and back on the road tomorrow. Can't decide if it's even worth doing a load of wash. And yeah I'm posting to my blog, hey! I can stop any time I want.


Left this at The Aristocrats: Dear Michele Malkin: It's so topical writing about the "failures" of the Obama admin after six months, but I haven't heard anyone ask you when you started writing it. I'm guessing September '08, which means you were betting the farm on a McCain/Palin loss.



I just want to clarify something that came up in comments to the previous post, not that it matters, really. The woman who died last weekend was my ex's second wife. I was his third wife. So I wasn't being nice to the new wife, she was being nice to the new wife, who was me.

Perhaps it was just shared suffering, but even the ex-husband in question would agree that we got along better than either one of us got along with him.

My five-year-old said today that she was sorry J died, "she was my half-mom." Exactly right.


Arrived at the house tonight, driving up our street to The Little House and it came to me so clearly, again, that the answer to so many 'whys' in my life are the three kids in that van. Amazing that in the weeks they are away I somehow don't forget how to be their mother. That said, I made twelve original videos while they were away, and I'm proud of that, too.

More later....


  1. Lovely stories about your kids' "half-mom." I have to wonder if such connections are more common than we know, yet our culture doesn't tell those stories. My older son's second-grade teacher became close friends with her ex-husband's first wife. (I think they bonded over what a jerk he was.) When my son's teacher needed a kidney, her ex-husband's first wife volunteered to be the donor. And it worked. Both are alive and well today - and they remain close friends.

    Sending my warm thoughts to you in these days of sadness.

  2. Leave it to a child, to put things in the correct prospective........

  3. your kids are bright and very perceptive. you done good!

  4. I'm pretty sure that the next thing after unisex bathroom's on Obama's secret agenda is requiring women to register for the draft. That's what feminism will get women.

    And, for being a divorced liberal, you're a surprisingly good Mom. ;)


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