Tuesday, August 18

Senator Grassley Waits At Table...

The insurance companies will gorge until they self-destruct. I actually have faith that such is imminent. When the right white people get kicked off of their policies just because they hit their $5,000 deductible, all of a sudden something will have to be done.

I also suggest, as some others have before me, that we return to the 'Medicare for All' motif. We pay for it with premiums, and rack up savings by subtracting the CEO salaries, advertising costs, and revenue for bean counters paid to deny coverage for the sake of stockholders. Everyone under 65 can have Medicare if they pay for it. Poor people get help paying for it. And let Senator Grassley try to explain why he doesn't think Medicare is a good idea.


  1. Yea Blue Gal! Blue Gal for Senate!

  2. I'll second that, although I can't vote in Illinois (legally).

    And it would be worthwhile to invest some effort into improving Medicare's policies to let it mirror France's system when plans are made to extend it to all as a national public option.

    I sometimes think this is why the media has always said "those French" with such disdain.


  3. Ha! That's great! :o)


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