Thursday, November 30

Inspiration (a blog has moved).

from a wonderful online gallery of "unmentionables"--tin can panties

ReddTurtle at INTOUS has moved her blog. She's now at Redd Turtles and Blue Ducks.

Finding her again (and she's a great blogger when she blogs hint hint) has led to a fecund topic: Redd is looking for inspiration for her blog. What to blog about, how to find a hook, etc. Perfect example of her cleverness, most recently she posts a suggestion box and then says "not a Diebold system". Most reassuring and funny, too. We love smart funny women here at BG.

I love how she posits her problem: "I’m interested in so much my brain is full." Join the club, and blog it down, baby. [BTW for another great example of a full brain blogging check out Douglas at Balls and Walnuts. He doesn't necessarily focus or have a hook and his blog is nonetheless cohesive and focussed.]

One thing I want to say to ReddTurtle and the rest of you: I think it's time to get beyond the idea that blogging is a rare and unusual process. If you're like me, you've been writing, cutting and pasting, giggling, and snarking your entire adult life, and perhaps even before that. A blog is a way to a larger, more immediate audience for what you've always done, but don't let that distract you from the fact that

You are an artist.

The blog is the medium. Sure it calls to you every day "feed me feed me feed me" but so does the easel or the darkroom or the yarn stash for other artists. The fact that it's a blog and that other people will see it, probably TODAY, really hangs up some people from actually saying something.

I really don't believe that there are "creative types" or "non-creative types". There is fear and there is ignoring the fear and doing it anyway. Most mornings I wake up and have no idea what I will post that day. It happens when I show up. My advice to ReddTurtle (and anyone else who is blogging or creating in some other way) is to make a commitment for the next three weeks to show up every day. It was only when I started blogging every single day no matter what that I feel my blog became worth reading.

Do you have any other things that help you along in the creative path? Leave a comment here or over at ReddTurtle's. I'm looking forward to the dialogue. And thanks.


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Hmm. I am probably weird-

    Scratch that, I acknowledge and embrace the weirdness, but that is probably beside today's point.

    Anyway, whenever my brain is so full I simply cannot squeeze anything out (ever breastfed and waited too long to feed or pump? You get all engorged and damply plump and painful, yet nothing, no nothing will come out. Except maybe this useless little dribble that accomplishes nothing whatsoever, only infuriating you further. It's kind of like that)- whenever I get that full, I go read the keywords in my logs.

    They give me all sorts of interesting topics to write about, with real questions from real people, and so I'll have a bit of a conversation with them, putting my two cents into the pot and waiting to see if anyone comes back to eat.

    Gets the juices going for me, anyway. :-)

  2. Okay. You inspired me - and you are right on target. I'm in and committed every day for the next three weeks.

  3. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Thanks for the love :)

    Balls and Walnuts is all about self-obsession. I am my own unifying theme.

    There. I just scared away all potential new readers. Coming soon (and I'm announcing here first): Flickr gets a rematch with Google Images in a Butt Cleavage Showdown!

  4. Anonymous7:35 PM

    But seriously. (Butt seriously?)

    Anyone who wants to bring something unique to the blogosphere needs look no further than her own reflection. You need to be willing to share yourself, I think.

  5. It is a question of finding your own voice. When you go for a hook or a gimmick, you are not being authentic.

    Of course, my voice is more of a primal scream these days, but there you have it.



  6. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Thanks to everyone for the comments at Redd Turtles. And a big squeeze to Blue Gal.

    Note to BG: 1 post down, 20 to go.

  7. Blue Gal! I got your comment about the title but because I am blogtarded dont really know what you mean.

    I will check out this Redd Turtle because, well, you say so. And Balls and Walnuts- because actually the comments here sold me as opposed to turning me off. Am I crazy? So I want to explore butt cleavage.

    I dont get the whole "hook" thing. There are 80 million blogs, 80,000 more each day.

    There are no hooks! Hooks are everywhere! All done!Its mostly reciprocity, friendship, common interests... cool slutty pirate outfits. You know, just things that make us happy.

  8. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I have often thought the same thing, Blue Gal.

    Bless you for saying it. I do think of my blog as an artist outlet...although, sometimes days are better art days than others.

    Oh, BTW. I have something really really important to share with you.

    Something AMAZING.

    *giggle giggle*


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