Friday, November 12

Cartographers on Drugs?

map, originally uploaded by flangum.

This psychadelic image is from three cartographers at the University of Michigan. It shows red and blue counties resized by population. This is supposed to make the country look more blue than the standard electoral map, but it's a silly exercise: the electoral college already "resizes" the states proportionally and what do counties really have to do with it? Tom Delay has proven that counties don't even count when it comes to redistricting.

Rather than comfort ourselves with maps or calls for secession of the blue states, or even banning the electoral college, we need to watch for those working on that permanent Republican majority and fight them at every turn.

Joke for today, from "You know if you're a Republican/Democrat": You know you're a Republican can't stand your gay uncle, but you invite him to your son's wedding because he's rich. You know you're a Democrat can't stand your rich uncle, but you invite him to your daughter's graduation because he's gay.

Thanks, Vicky, for the map link.

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