Thursday, November 18

Okay, now I'm getting mad

I'm trying to stay on a Christian level here, but with these sumbitches I'm getting more and more away from "bless them that curse you" to the point where people who think voting for Bush was the moral thing to do need to be cast into a fiery furnace.

Did you hear this story last night? Frigging Abu Ghraib in New Jersey. We've got to go ballistic with these people.

Congressman Bill Pascrell is on the House Homeland Security Committee and is also from New Jersey. I hate to dis the web, but I've learned that with Congress nothing works like snail mail. I'm sending a red hot missive to him at:

Congressman Bill Pascrell
1722 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

He better get busy as this is happening under his watch and we are watching. Moving to Canada is for wimps. FIGHT, DAMMIT.

Jurgen commented below. I'm adding links: FIGHT, DAMMIT. about them Republicans for changing the rules for Tom Delay to allow him to stay as Speaker even if he gets indicted. These are the same Republicans who created that rule in the first place because they thought they were morally superior to Bill Clinton.

We also need to thank Daniel Zwerdling at NPR for his fine work.

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